The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Adelaide Lodge

Adelaide Lodge

310 South Tce. Adelaide

TS International Speaker - Juliana Cesano

Presentation, 10.30 am - 4.00 pm, 29 April 2023.

Featured Speaker:Juliana Cesano
Venue:Adelaide Lodge

Presentation by juliana cesano - ts international speaker

Awakening Spiritual Consciousness Through the Heart Centre: 10:30am - 12:30pm

At the core of mystical traditions lies the burning flame of the heart, as the doorway to direct Union with the Divine. Like the mystics, occultist and TS founder H. P. Blavatsky, regarded the heart centre as the seat of spiritual consciousness and provided guidance for us to follow. In this workshop we will explore the meaning and nature of the heart from an esoteric and mystical perspective, the foundations of a heart centred meditation practice, and the essential requisites to tread this path, as taught by those who walk ahead of us.

Experiencing the Divine: Mysticism Across Religious Traditions: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Underneath the surface of religious traditions there is an inner stream of teachings given by the mystics. Despite vast separations in time, place, language, and culture these women and men speak a common language based on the direct realisation of Reality. Their shared experiences are precious signposts for all spiritual seekers, and their advice can be followed in the midst of an apparent mundane life.

Juliana Cesano is a third-generation Theosophist and has been actively involved with the Society’s work for over 25 years. Originally from Argentina, she spent two years volunteering at the international headquarters in Chennai, India, before becoming a staff member at the Theosophical Society in America in 2007. She is an international speaker, the manager of the Quest Book Shop, and the Membership Education Director for the TS in America.

Tea and coffee will be available at the breaks and over lunch. You are welcome to bring your lunch along and join us for the lunch break.


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