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Society in Australia

Adelaide Lodge

Talk by Robert Mathews PhD

Carl Jung's Symbolic Path, 2.00 - 3.30 pm, 28 October 2023.

Featured Speaker:Dr. Robert Mathews
Venue:Adelaide Lodge

Carl jung's symbolic path.

Jung’s life and consequently his psychology, can be understood in many ways, one of which is the making conscious of the eternal in this mortal life of ours. I intend this talk as something of an overview of Jung’s findings into the religious life of his clients and himself and thus his psychology.

Historically the search for the eternal has been the role of religion. But for Jung this path was not possible. Although he respected the Church greatly, indeed his ancestry was from a long line of Pastors, he could not follow this path in good conscience and instead set out to investigate human nature as a psychiatrist. But the religious would not leave him alone and gradually his psychology emerged as an investigation of the eternal within oneself.

Some, such as Edward Edinger, a profound American Jungian analyst, suggest that Jung’s great discovery of the collective unconscious, has penetrated to the source of all religion, at least as far as the experience of the human psyche is concerned. That a door has now been opened where by all religion may be seen empirically as various streams of the one fountain. This opens to the future possibility of the gradual embracing of all religious life across the world into facets of the one experience.

About the Speaker:

Robert Matthews is a Swiss trained Jungian Analyst in private practice in Adelaide. Is the current President of the CG Jung SA Society. And is also a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education teaching psychological theories in education and the application of neuroscience in education. He has a PhD in theoretical physics and has recently published the book:

The Paradoxical Meeting of Depth Psychology and Physics: Reflections on the Unification of Psyche and Matter.


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