The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Adelaide Lodge

The Power of Thought


The power of thought

Discussion Group Facilitated by Shirley Ingham & Gaynor Fraser

On Saturday morning from 10:30am  to  12:00 noon.  February 13th & 27th,  March 13th & 27th.

Thought is not just something subjective in out heads, says early Theosophist Annie Besant. Thought is power - real, objective power. Moreover, the thoughts we create have a life of their own. They have a kind of material reality that affects other people for good or ill - hence our responsibility to choose.

Teaching us to use power of thought well is the purpose this metaphysical classic, first published in 1903 and now adapted for today's readers. Leading contemporary Theosophists have added practical exercises and modernised Besant's language to make her timeless truths accessible for learning how to:

  • Increase consciousness, concentration and memory
  • Develop what is best in our nature
  • Achieve a fuller life
  • Help others
  • Make ourselves a positive force in the world


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