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The Power of Thought


The Power of thought - facilitated by kevin davey

At Home with Theosophy is a series of online courses focussing on the study and discussion of classical Theosophical teachings. In this course, Pablo Sender explores Annie Besant's book, Thought Power: Its Control & Culture. This book was one of the first to present the West with a clear and systematic study of the hidden power inherent in our thinking. Its study will help us gain a deeper knowledge of our mental nature and teach us to master this important power in order to stimulate our spiritual growth and help other do so, too.

All sessions are on Saturday morning and begin at 10:30am with a video, followed by discussion and finish at 12:15pm. Facilitated by Kevin Davey.

5th Feb - Part 1: The Power of Thought.

19th Feb -Part 2: The Power of Thought.

5th Mar - Part 3: The Power of Thought.

19th Mar - Part 4: The Power of Thought.


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