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From the manly palmer hall collection of alchemical manuscripts  1500 1825

What Does Physics Tell Us About Consciousness

Colin Darcey - 8th July 7:00pm Adelaide

Detail 2 from sandro boticelli%e2%80%99s trial of moses showing jethro%e2%80%99s daughter zipporah

The Book of Margery Kempe

Dr Keith Smith - 24th July 2:00pm  Adelaide

Paul cezanne %281839 1906%29 the brook

Let's Talk About Values

Tad Philips 12th August 7pm  Adelaide

Hands touching white shirts photo by rawpixel on unsplash

From Mindfulness to Meditation

Nat President: Stephen McDonald - 28th Aug 2:30pm Adelaide

Photo by benjamin voros on unsplash

Deep Time and Associated Memories

Olga & Victor Gostin - 9th Sep 7:00pm Adelaide

The tours of dr syntax. the doctor's dream

Dream Power: Let Your Dreams Solve Your Problems

Diane Bellchambers - 11th Sep 2:00pm Adelaide

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