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All gizeh pyramids %28image ricardo on wikimedia commons%29

Learning from History - Pt 2

Tad Philips - 8th Sep 7:00pm  Adelaide

Nelumbium speciosum 768

Pablo Sender: Dreams by C.W. leadbeater

Video  1st & 3rd Sat 10:30am

Rishabhanatha sitting in two stages of meditation  cca. 1680. san diego museum of art

A Personal Journey through Buddhism

talk by Ratnadaka - 24th Feb 2pm

Weeping rock  wentworth falls bmtnsnsw %28hl%29 p1150991

The Origin of Water

Dr Victor Gostin 9th Mar 7:00pm

Haeckel ceylon jungle river

The Transcendent Unity of Buddhism and Cendanta

Talk by Dara Tatray  Sat 18th Mar 2:00pm.

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