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All gizeh pyramids %28image ricardo on wikimedia commons%29

Learning from History - Pt 4

Tad Philips - 8th June 7:00pm  Adelaide

Photo by benjamin suter on unsplash

Current Themes in the Unitarian Church

Presented by Kris Hanna - Sat 24th June 2:00pm

The future tailor as envisaged in c19 france

Medical Science, Art & Technology

Science talk by David Elder 13 July 7pm

Street art lips and eye photo by mr tt on unsplash

Unpacking Our Dilemmas

Diane Bellchambers - 22nd July 2:00pm Adelaide

Gh2019 10 wagaun

The Referendum for the Voice

Dr Olga Gostin - 10th Aug 7:00pm Adelaide

Elmer canas 086donysirg unsplash

Ageless Wisdom - Australian Indigenous Sporituality

talk by Alison Giles-Damjanovska - 19th Aug 2pm

Solid object cube

Eternity and Infinite Time

Kevin Davey 14th Sep 7:00pm Adelaide

Maxime lebrun unsplash spiral scaled

Exploring the Transpersonal

Colin Darcey - 16th Sep 2:00pm

Jiddu krishnamurthy

Walker of the Sky

National President Stephen McDonald 23rd Sep 2:00pm.

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