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In Descending Date Order

2019 Postgraduate Prize
Jewell Homad Johnson — Kandinsky and the Immaterial Frame Methodology

2018 Undergraduate Prize
Alana Bowden — The Limits of Ritual and the Sacred in Secular Arts Practice at the Dark Mofo Festival

2017 Undergraduate Prize
Judith Howard — What is the role attributed to Ancient Egypt by Western Esoteric traditions? Discuss with reference to Freemasonry.
Adam Smith — What is the role attributed to ancient Egypt by Western Esoteric traditions?  Discuss with reference to The Theosophical Society.

2017 Honours Prize
Tara Smith — Theosophy on the Air Waves: 2GB Radio from the 1920s to the 1930s (Religion Funding Application Mock Research Task)

2016 Undergraduate Prize
Jackson Clement — Could Clement of Alexandria be Considered a Gnostic?

2016 BA (Hons) Prize
Giselle Bader— Mind-Body Dualism in the "Apocryphon of Jon"

2015   Undergraduate Prize
Giselle Bader — The Role of Magic and Religion in the Domestic Sphere of Ancient Egyptian Life

2015 Postgraduate Prize
Alan M. Boag — Concealed and Revealed: Madame Blavatsky’s “Lost Word” Key and Esoteric Eschatology in the   Teachings of J. Krishnamurti

2014 Undergraduate Prize
Sophie Morstyn — Sex and Religion in Wicca and Raelianism

2014 Postgraduate Prize
Mario Baghos —Eternal Cities: Rome, Constantinople, and their antecedents as symbolic images and centres of the world

2013 Undergraduate Prize
James ThorpeChristians and Amulets in Early Medieval Byzantium

2013 Postgraduate Prize
Dominique Beth Wilson —Shaman, Sage, Priest, Prophet and Magician – Exploring the Architecture of the Religious Wise Man

2012 Undergraduate Prize
Vivien Cinque —Choose one Hindu pilgrimage site that was active during the Classical period and discuss its significance (or lack thereof) to cosmology and/or the divine

2012 Postgraduate Prize
Johanna Petsche — Music For Remembering: The Gurdjieff-De Hartmann Music and its Esoteric Significance

2011 Undergraduate Prize
Michael Deegan — Sethian Gnosticism: Issues in its History and Teachings

2011 Postgraduate Prize (M.A. Thesis)
Yahya R. Haidar — Thinking Without Religion – Religion, Essence and Existence

2010 Undergraduate Prize
Sally James — Gender is Everywhere: Body, Gender and the Environment in Australian Indigenous Religious Traditions

2010 Senior Prize
A. M. Boag — From Being God to Being Human: Biblical Influences in the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti

2010 Postgraduate Prize
Alex Norman — Spiritual Tourism – Secular Examination of the Self in the Mirror of Religious Practice

2009 Undergraduate Prize
Samuel Meenahan — How can desire be understood to disable and enable relations with the Sacred?

2008 Undergraduate Prize
George Ionnides — The Goddess in the Hindu Tradition
Elli Grien — Religion and the Body
Carly Barton — What is the relationship of Western sex magic and Hindu Tantric traditions?

2008 Honors Prize
Paul Terracini — Religion in Akbar’s India 1556-1605

2007 Undergraduate Prize
Venetia Robertson — What is Gnosticism?
Stephanie Majcher — Wayang: The Development and Cultural Adaptation of Islamic Ritual

2007 Postgraduate Prize
Glenys Eddy (PhD thesis) — Western Buddhist Experience: The Journey from Encounter to Commitment in Two Forms of Western Buddhism

2006 Undergraduate Prize
Sabrina Khan Doing the Beautiful: Expressions of a Mystical Quest
Suzanne Langford — Examine the Pseudo-History of Feminist Witchcraft

2006 Postgraduate Prize
Annabel Carr — Grounding the Angels: An Attempt to Harmonise Science and Spiritism in the Celestial Conferences of John Dee

2005 Postgraduate Prize
David Kim — The Community Rules of Thomas: A Social Reading of the “Fifth Gospel”
Julian Droogan — Esoteric Hermeneutics

2004 Undergraduate Prize
Frances di Lauro — "The Noblest Conception of That Age": Conceiving Dante’s Purgatorio (1308-1312) in the Twentieth Century
Dominique Wilson — The Creation and Function of Mythic Histories in Esoteric Movements, and their Relationship to Popular Culture

2004 Postgraduate Prize
David Pecotic (PhD Thesis) — Body and Correspondence in G.I. Gurdjieff’s Beezlebub’s Tales to His Grandson: A Case Study in the Construction of Categories in the Study of Esotericism

2003 Undergraduate Prize
Shannon Hughes — Seyyed Hossein Nasr and the Perennial Philosophy

2003 Postgraduate Prize
Christopher Hartney — The Divine Path to Eternal Life

2002 Undergraduate Prize
Sarah Penicker —The Syncretics of Mistletoe: A Study of Love and Tree Worship in Germanic Myth and Religion

2002 Postgraduate Prize
Julian Droogan (Honours thesis) — A Lotus Floating on the Sea of Dissolution, The Symbolism of Pre-urban Earthworks from First Millennium BCE North India

2001 Undergraduate Prize
Ian Drummond —Landscapes of Power and Transformation: the Question of Religious Syncretism in Tibetan Buddhism
Sarah Penicker — ‘The Golden Apple’ (concerning the spiritual significance of plants to the ancient Celts)

2001 Postgraduate Prize
David Pecotic, PhD candidate —Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way: Giving Voice to Further Alterity in the Study of Western Esotericism

2000 Undergraduate Prize
Frances Di Lauro — Essay on philosophical and religious Daoism

2000 Postgraduate Prize
Paris Mawby — The Kingdom is Within: Religious Themes and Postmodernity in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner


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