The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Adelaide Lodge

Feemasonry for Men & Women in SA

Steve Brown, 2.00 - 4.00 pm, 17 August 2024.

Featured Speaker:Dr. Steve Brown
Venue:Adelaide Lodge

freemasonry for men & women in south australia

A discussion of the role that the Adelaide Theosophical Society played in the foundation of Adelaide Lodge No. 406 and what has changed and what has remained of the theosophical influence over the years. The presentation will explore what is contemporary Freemasonry and where its future might lie.

About the Speaker:

Steve Brown is the immediate past Master of Adelaide Lodge No 406. He is a 31 degree Freemason and has been a member of most of the Masonic orders in South Australia. Steve had a 35+ year career in the event industry as an event designer, joining the university sector in 1999, where he was awarded a PhD., was Head of Tourism, and was awarded an Associate Professorship.

He is widely published (on event design and audience behaviour) in the academic sphere and since ceasing paid employment continues to research and publish on Masonic topics.

Steve had a brief encounter in Adelaide with Theosophy at the age of 16, but was too young for it to stick.


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