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Adelaide Lodge

Adelaide Lodge

310 South Tce. Adelaide

The Secret Doctrine: Esoteric Insights & Spiritual Practice

Pablo Sender video, 10.30 am - 12.15 pm, 1 October 2022.

Featured Speaker:Pablo Sender
Venue:Adelaide Lodge

the secret doctrine: esoteric insights and spiritual practice

A reprise of a delightful 8 part series explaining many parts of The Secret Doctrine, suitable for those who interested in discovering, or re-discovering, this fascinating work of the Esoteric Philosophy. In addition to exploring both the reasons and methods for its study, it looks at some of the key theories and possible applications of the Three Fundamental Propositions found in the proem of  The Secret Doctrine.

Held on the first and third Saturday of the month: 10:30am to 12:15pm

About Pablo Sender

By profession a a Microbiologist with a PhD in Biological Science, Dr Pablo Sender joined the Theosophical Society in Argentina in 1996. Nine years later he went to South India to stay for two years at the International Headquarters of the TS in Adyar, Chennai,  working in the Archives during Radha Burnier’s presidency. He then moved to the United States to live and work at the national headquarters of the TS in America (Wheaton, Illinois), working in the Library and in Education and Outreach for nine years. He is currently living at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy with his wife, Michele Sender, where continues to work in Education and Outreach. 

Pablo's presentations have reached a wide and receptive audience. He lectures and conducts retreats both in Spanish and English. 


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